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Graham Slee Accession MM Phono Preamp
Graham Slee Phone Preamp med volume kontrol.
New Stereo Phono Preamp Stage.
If you're serious about vinyl the new Accession is the phono preamp you'll definitely want.

The Accession stereo phono stage preamplifier uses a different kind of technology which reveals much more musical detail and goes even further in relegating vinyl's bad points.

It has some really useful features too - fixed or variable output levels - front panel volume control - selectable EQ settings - and more...

Solving Digitizing "Clipping" Problems
Possibly the biggest problem encountered in digitizing vinyl is the wrong level of signal.

Too much signal overloads the input of the A to D converter (ADC) resulting in a hard clipped sound which ruins your efforts.

Using an "L-pad" (an attenuated interconnect cable) can help but with quieter records you'll be recording several bits down.

A volume or output level control is the answer, but it's got to be followed by a buffer stage to get the impedance low enough to suit the ADC input, or the results won't be right.

The Accession hi-fi phono preamplifier stage gives you both. The output level control is followed up by a high quality discrete transistor buffer stage which gives you the low impedance drive your ADC expects.

The fixed level output allows you to monitor what you're recording by connecting it to your main system, or to a headphone amplifier, as you record from the variable output.

A Volume Control For A Minimalist System
Not only is the volume control and buffer stage of use for digitizing vinyl, but it's the answer for those who only want to play vinyl and want the bare minimum of system components.

All that's required is a reasonably sensitive power amp for the Accession to drive. Partner it with a pair of Proprius monoblocks and cartridges outputting ≥ 4.5mV (ref 1kHz at 5cm/sec) will be sufficient to reach high volumes with excellent sound quality.

The Accession's output buffer stage was developed specifically to prevent input saturation from ruining the clean signal from the phono preamp section. It handles the full post EQ peak to peak signal without any slew-rate limiting.

RIAA, American or British?
Older mono records can sound a bit muffled or a bit too bright and if that happens you'll find it's because they were not recorded to "modern" RIAA characteristics like you get on stereo records.

Up to the mid-1960s best-quality "gramophone" record reproducers featured tone correction switches to equalise the different record tone characteristics, and for vinyl it boiled down to American and British versions competing with their different EQs.

Because many older users will have some of these records — LPs, EPs and even singles — in their collections we saw it fit to include a switch to equalise them, as well as a mono switch for authenticity.

Flat / CA
We're often asked if we can make a "flat" phono preamp for digitizing acoustic records, but that implies a phono preamp without any EQ at all.

What you want is something which reproduces the record's characteristics only and that's exactly what the Accession phono preamp does if you switch it to its "Flat/CA" position (CA: constant amplitude).

It's not only acoustic records which can be played this way - all records can - and during digitization the EQ of your own software can be applied.

Cartridge Capacitive Loading
Not that it should be needed, because in our opinion 100pf is ideal for the vast majority of MM cartridges when combined with the 50pf to 100pf of arm and cable capacitance. But as the Accession is made as a tool to extract maximum information from vinyl records we've included four capacitive load settings for you to experiment with.

The effect on sound will be to take the high frequency peak in the 10kHz to 20kHz region lower or higher, making the peak larger or none existent, between the maximum loading and minimum loading, respectively.

Using The Accession With Moving Coil Cartridges
The Accession is designed for high output cartridges, but if you want to use low-output MC too, partner it with the Elevator EXP Step-Up for an unbeatable all-cartridge phono preamp combo.

Power Supply
The Accession phono preamp is supplied with our outboard PSU1 (our best) power supply.

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Accession MM phone Preamp
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