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Jas Audio Zion S-2 RCA 1 meter
Annoncør: Simple Hifi
Lokalitet: København
Kontakt: mailsimplehifi.dk
Produkttype: Kabler
Annoncetype: Demo tilbud
Demo tilbud:
Jas Audio Zion S-2 RCA 1 meter
Med orignal emballage og papir.....Listeprisen er 529 US dorllars.....

Zion S-2 Interconnects

Zion's signal cables are designed to carry a purity signal with the least amountofloss and audible distortion. Master soldering, and can be terminated with silver RCA'S.

S2 is composed of four individual conductors. FEP is used as dielectric around each conductor. Each individual conductor is made up of 30 strands of 0.002mm continuous high grade cast silver. Two groups of two conductors are separately shielded and twisted together with similar single ended shielding design as the S1. Besides having similar characteristics of the S1 in speed and dynamics, the S2 is best described as having the ability to provide smooth top end with a similarly smooth midrange and a well-rounded, rich-sounding bass.

Our High quality audio cables will improve the performance of any audio components and speaker devices by providing a signal path that is high in conductivity, low in resistance. All Zion's cables are always performing in High strand count, high-degree insulation and quality heavy duty terminations assure flexibility and long and trouble free service life.

Zion's power cables assemble with discrete shielding; further reduce signal resistance and intermediation distortion that would occur if the whole musical audio signal were carried in background noise.
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Øvrige informationer om dette tilbud:
Tilbud oprettet: 14-05-2017
Tilbud udløber: 28-05-2017
Garanti: 2 år og 0 mdr.
Pris: 1500 DKK
Kontakt : Simple Hifi
Simple Hifi
Nyrnberggade 54, 3. tv.
2300 København S
TLF.: 42920120
Mail: mailsimplehifi.dk
Link: http://www.simplehifi.dk/
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