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Indrykket: 15-03-2021
Udløber: 12-04-2021
Graham Slee SOLO Ultra-Linear DE Headphone Amp.
"It might look fairly simple, but this Diamond Edition headphone amplifier sounds like a real gem"
The Solo Ultra-Linear lifts the performance of any good music source and quality dynamic headphones.

Graham Slee Solo headphone amplifiers are well-known for their great stereo imaging and musicality, and the Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition (DE) will give you effortless dynamics, a powerful but not boomy sound, and a valvey (tubey) smoothness with detailed clarity.

And It's A Solid-State Headphone Amplifier!
The Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition (ULDE) headphone amplifier replicates tube amplification, but is solid-state to keep it's performance for all its long life.

So what about tubes does it replicate? It replicates the most important difference between tubes and solid-state, that tubes give a flatter open-loop frequency response which extends into the mid frequencies, before negative feedback is applied. It means that when it's applied to keep distortion low, it is true 180° negative feedback, and it gives a wholesome sound which otherwise is sadly lacking in solid-state.

We use our proprietary and well-guarded bandwidth extension technique we call Ultra-Linear which replicates this most desirable of tube characteristics.

The Solo ULDE has a completely redesigned output stage and better noise performance than the earlier Solo UL, which means it will drive a much greater range of high performance over-ear dynamic headphones, and be hiss-free when used with in-ear monitors.
Unlike tube amplifiers it works with all common headphone impedances, and its Z-Match impedance ranging volume control takes the place of gain switches, allowing amplifier gain to be fixed so it results in optimum musical performance.

Generous phase and gain margins give it great high-frequency stability under all loading conditions. This coupled with its wide input latitude lets it effortlessly reproduce large musical transients with real clarity.

Excellent power supply filtering and ultra-stable voltage regulation make its power so clean that it depicts the minutest of detail, the nuances - the shades of expression, so your music really communicates with you.

It also results in superb stereo imaging with great separation between performers and instruments, dispensing a believable stereo sound stage.

The Solo ULDE reveals the emotional content of your music and will immerse you in your music without fatigue for hours on end.

Chosen by Grado for public audition, the Solo Ultra-Linear DE has demonstrated its commanding control over many of the world's best dynamic headphones, bringing them to a performance few other headphone amplifiers are capable of at any price.

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Tilbud oprettet: 15-03-2021
Tilbud udløber: 12-04-2021
Garanti: 0 måneder og 2 år
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Graham Slee SOLO Ultra linear headphone amp.
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Blue Cat Audio
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